Work is beginning on the centre in Ellesmere Port

The Trading side of the project is now complete.

fabric storage area painted floor
fridge sink area

multi level storage area with stairs boxes painted floor
New toilet sink area nice lighting

shutter storage area and door

Now for the exciting part! Rooms have been built in the charity side, electrics are being fitted, toilets are being installed, orders for windows and flooring placed. We aim to be open for Christmas - fingers crossed everyone!!

Happy Birthday Steve!

stepladder painting setup
work in progress

dividers work in progress
painting in progress

Building work continues as new walls are erected.

goods ready for sale
painting decorating

CDFBs 'Fairy Godmother' Steve Murray, who is giving much of his time to help us refurbish our building, shown here sporting a donated garment!

steve skirt

Progress continues at the centre! The mezzanine floor is now in operation in the trading area and construction of pat testing and Ebay rooms has begun!

CDFB is lucky in having the support of two fantastic local builders and also enjoys being the beneficiary of discounted and donated goods from local companies.

Thank you a million times to everyone for their unstinting generosity!

boxes of productsstoring products areanew stairs in place
storage area unitsother view new floornew floor in place

Exciting times as work begins on our hall!

knocking down walls in the hall Shelving and Goods in bags
lots of shelves with items for future sale Boxes of goods

Progressing as planned. The mezzanine floor is due to arrive on Monday and when this is up all stock can be moved from charity side then work can progress on hall, kitchen and toilets.

building work in progress using cherry picker machinewall work completed centre taking shape
construction materials ready for usecenter redevelopment in progress