The cinema club will run again after the summer holidays. There were some initial problems with the audio description equipment and we will ensure that these have been rectified. We are also working with the Storyhouse in Chester and hope to have a club running there shortly.

The management at Vue cinema, Cheshire Oaks, are in agreement that something had to be done to help visually impaired people to have the same enjoyment as others.

The management agree that many visually impaired people miss out on visiting the cinema and felt that providing our members with headphones to enable everybody to enjoy the whole of the picture through audio description was a great idea.

They have set aside a cinema room and a morning for us especially so that all our members can enjoy the film.

October 1st - Mamma Mia

The next cinema club will be on Monday October 1st at 10.30 a.m. and the film will be Mamma Mia.


Vue tell us that the headphones are tested every week and that they are in full working order. We will be testing the headphones ourselves over the weekend. There have been problems with headsets in the past and the charity cannot guarantee that headsets will function on the day. However, we will do our best to ensure that there are no problems.

Please contact me asap if you would like to visit the cinema on Monday and you need headsets as there are only seven sets.

Sue Hearfield

Chester and District Federation of the Blind
37 Rosscliffe Road, Ellesmere Port, CH65 3AS