Members meetings are held monthly either at Ellesmere Port or Chester on the third Tuesday of every month.

Ours is a member led organisation and the course the charity takes is determined by the members.

Meetings also give members the opportunity to voice their concerns about local services and to share information

19th Sept 2017

This meeting will be held in Ellesmere Port.

Joyce Jones has volunteered to host the meeting and provide refreshments.

I know this should have been the Chester meeting and if this causes any problem we can hold October's meeting in Chester.

If you would like to attend the meeting and require transport please let me know.

August 2017

This month's Member’s Meeting will be held tomorrow evening (Tuesday 15th August 2017) at Ellesmere Port Labour Club. If you would like to attend and need transport please let me know.

Please find the Agenda and the Minutes of the Last Meeting below.

  • Agenda
  • Present
  • Apologies
  • Minutes of previous meeting (attached)
  • Matters arising:
  • New Building
  • Clubs
  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Trustee Meeting
  • Outings and holidays
  • AOB
  • Date and Venue of next meeting

AGM 2017

The AGM is on Friday July 7th at 7pm at Upton British Legion. Transport, refreshments and entertainment are provided. Please let me know if you can make it.

2017 AGM Minutes (download as word).

2017 AGM Minutes (download as pdf).

"What the charity has achieved financially is quite remarkable. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all our staff and volunteers. CDFB is in a very healthy position with respect to finances. Having grown from almost nothing at its registration in 2009, the charity now has a very healthy cushion of reserves, a building we own outright and four vehicles we own and run. Just as we have grown financially so have our services expanded."

Next Meeting: 7pm at Upton British Legion 7th July

Tuesday 20th June at the Labour Club

Minutes of Members Meeting 20th June 2017

Ellesmere Port Labour Club

Present: Sue Hearfield, Jill Whitmore, Linda Butt, David Walters, Glenys Salmon, Bill Berry, Glenys Berry, Joyce Jones, Janet Hobday, Audrey Sykes

Apologies: Ena Wright, Gordon Jones

Minutes of the last meeting: Approved

Matters Arising: None

Finances: Both Trading and Fundraising are going well.

Building: The Trading side is virtually finished and there will be an opening party at the end of August. Walls have gone up in the charity side, electrics moved and drainage laid.

Events: A trip to the Anderton Boat lift is arranged for the 6th July and the AGM is on Friday 7th at Upton British Legion.

Trustee Meeting: The next Trustee Meeting will be held prior to the AGM to discuss the accounts.

AOB: Audrey asked us to contact the Storyhouse in Chester to discuss a possible tour.

Sadly Rhonda Wray, member and volunteer passed away this month. Rhonda was a lovely lady and we are all going to miss her. Rhonda was a member and a volunteer who helped out both in the charity shop and on collections.

Minutes of members meeting 18th April 2017

Ellesmere Port Labour Club

Present: Glenys Salmon, Jill Whitmore, Sue Hearfield, Mohan Bhakoo, Linda Butt, Neil Jarvis, Norman Hughes, Joyce Jones, John Andrew, David Walters and David Yardley.

Apologies: Bill and Glenys Berry, Ena Wright, Jan Hobday, Howell Lloyd and Gordon Jones.

Minutes of the last meeting: Approved

Matters Arising: None

Finances: Finances are good. Fundraising is up on last year so far and shops are performing well. We have had three grants totaling £35,000 in the past few months.

Building: Work is progressing nicely. The trading side is almost complete. Work has begun on the charity side of the building and the new firewall is being erected at the moment. We have had a report from a structural engineer, which confirms that we can replace the windows and insert five French doors.

Events: Cinema Club, is delayed as VUE have purchased new audio equipment and as yet have only six of the new headsets. We have been assured that there will be more headsets in the near future and we shall make contact again tomorrow.

It was agreed that weekly trips should begin in June and the following ideas put forward:

  • Towyn
  • New Brighton
  • Jodrell Bank
  • Andreson Boat Lift
  • Parkgate
  • River trip on Mersey
  • The next Ten Pin Bowling club will be held on Wednesday 26th April.

Holiday – it was suggested that this year’s holiday could be to the Isle of Man.

Trustee Meeting: Trustee meeting was taken mainly with discussions re the unit. It was decided that there would be a Trustee’s Away Day this year.

AOB: Neil Jarvis pointed out that we have the wrong address is in the constitution. We are looking at holding the AGM in a hotel in Chester late in May.

Date and venue of next meeting: It was agreed that we would not hold a member’s meeting in May as there will be an AGM (date to be arranged).

Date and venue of next meeting: 21st March 2017 at The Little Owl at 7pm - MEETING CANCELLED

Members Meeting Minutes 21st Feb at Ellesmere Port Labour Club

Present: Gordon, Jan, Ena, Sue, Bill B, Glenys B, Jill and Glenys S

Apologies: Joyce, Audrey, Sue and Anne

Minutes of last meeting: Approved

Finances: Fundraising so far this year has reached £6,800 - Thanks to everybody who were involved.

Building: Progressing as planned. The mezzanine floor is due to arrive on Monday and when this is up all stock can be moved from charity side then work can progress on hall, kitchen and toilets.

Events: Nothing planned at the moment. Bill suggested an outing to the Zoo, entry is expensive but one person can go in free as a carer. Another suggestion was Bangor on Dee races.

Trustee Meeting: A meeting is due in March.

AOB: No.